Our Story

How we build our dream

Turning a vision into reality

After many years of serving guests and meeting their requirements, we realised there was a space to create something different, to build an unmatchable experience that guests would be delighted with.

Our goal was to deliver an authentic desert experience, going beyond just a tourist attraction to give visitors a taste of the rich culture and tradition in the unique natural environment. Meeting the expectations of our guests was not the challenge; with our extensive experience, delivering the level of comfort and hospitality they needed was second nature to us.

What we were really trying to do was to give them this experience in the perfect location – somewhere they would be able to see what the desert is truly like, while sheltered from its harsher aspects. A place that provided an amazing view of the sunrise and sunset, but still is protected from the desert winds. Somewhere at a distance from the towns and main roads to avoid sound and light pollution to create a peaceful place to enjoy relaxed stargazing, but still accessible by a short camel ride and close to the Bedouin community for safety.

After a long search, we finally managed to secure the right location, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

After this, we had to find the right tents to put up. We first ordered square tents from UAE in November 2016, but were dismayed to find that they would shrink from the heat and were unable to be used.


We had to return these tents and place an order for a custom-tailored set of tents, which were delivered after six week.

But again, we were disappointed, as the tents we received had the wrong windows and roofs.

We drove them all the way back to UAE to get them fixed right then and there.


In the meantime, we put more work into the kitchen

And the Majlis,

And the restrooms,

And the dining area

The tents finally arrived on the 13th of January 2017, and after promptly setting them up, we realised the round carpets we wanted were unavailable in Bediyah.

So we decided to design and create our own carpentry.

We also set up stones around the camp area to prevent the wind from digging out the sand around the tent, Majlis, kitchens and restrooms.

By February 2017, we were ready to open, and on the 21st of February, we proudly welcomed our first guest to the new Starwatching Private Camp.

Since then, we’ve been seeing new and returning guests visit our camp to be wowed by the experience we offer! 

For the new season October 2017 we build a new washroom with natural stones and Areesh

What happen after ……

People start to copying our tents and setting up own camps after they saw our success


We tailored new tents in different style …… to stay outstanding ……

But after just 4 month….

STORM & RAIN at its best destroyed the new tents totally





we remove everything ….

and cover the rest …..

and wait…..

to dry ……


And finally we rebuild in just few days ….




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