Our Private Desert Camps

Serenity and tranquillity

Starwatching Private Camp

Bed1 double/ 1 single bed - Standard Starwatching
Bed1 double or twin bed - Traditional Tent
Max People3 Starwatching - 2 Traditonal
Viewdesert view
Start From$380.00 / Night
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Shooting Star Private Camp

Bed1 double or twin per chalet or tent
Max People2 per room
Viewdunes sunrise & sunset view
Room Size16 sqm chalet 25 sqm tent
Start From$290.00 / Night
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Private Desert Bedouin House

Bed1 double or 2 single bed
Max People2 - 10 depend to the camp
Viewdesert and sunset view
Room Size16 sqm.
Start From$210.00 / Night
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