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Each tent is decorated in antique-styled furniture and lush Iranian carpetry, lit by solar-powered lamps and atmospheric candles, and features a twin or queen-size bed.


The living rooms/sitting-areas, called the Majlis, feature custom-designed sitting furniture for a homely, vintage feel, alongside rich carpentry and solar-powered lighting for a cosy ambience and traditional feel. With an opening in the front for a soothing breeze to roll in, the Majlis are a perfect place to repose beneath the sprawling vista of stars after a hearty dinner, or to meditate, do yoga, or just relax during the day.

Culture & Tradition

The Camps also feature an outdoor dining area that allow for truly unique candlelit dinners, as well as a campfire spot for warm gatherings on colder nights.

Starwatching Private Camp

Desert Camp Oman – Oman Desert Private Camp

Your dream getaway beneath the stars

Our private camps are located in some of the most beautiful and remote areas of Oman, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Each camp is unique and has its special character, but all offer a comfortable and intimate setting to enjoy the stunning Omani desert.

Nestled in the sprawling Wahiba Sands of Oman, the luxurious Starwatching Private Camp is your ideal location for a comfortable, yet authentic experience in the desertscape. Established in 2016, the prestigious camp has become one of the most iconic desert hotels by setting a new standard for opulence.

The path leads us to collaborate with additional exclusive setups to provide even more diverse desert escapades.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate extravagance of the Sharqiyah / Wahiba Sands Desert, as you stay a night at one of our extraordinary camps. Indulge in awe-inspiring panoramic scenes and fully engage with the tranquil magnificence of the adjacent sand dunes. Desert Private Camping Company in Oman provides unmatched hospitality for a memorable experience

Desert Camp Oman

Our Private Desert Camps

Comes usually with one or two rooms as preferred, allowing you to step back through history and sample an authentic taste of ancient Bedouins’ life while also enjoying the best amenities. We aim to surpass your expectations of a typical hotel and provide you with a luxurious experience that embodies the rich history and welcoming nature of Omani culture at our desert camps. Our tents and rooms are designed with a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, inspired by the beauty of nature and the captivating personalities of our staff, all in celebration of Omani culture.


Just For You – Starwatching Private Camp

We are delighted to offer this exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience just for you. 

No other guest will join you. This private camp can be booked as well as a package to support the local community!

This hidden location just hosts one specious Starwatching double door Tent, which comes with 1 double, plus twin bedding and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and let you experience real Bedouins will host you during your stay

And at night, under the stars, you will be completely alone to relax and enjoy the sounds of the desert and the incredible night sky.

You will have the option to book this camp only with transfer and half-board but we prefer you book the full package, with camel ride and trekking tour, to support our bedouin community 🤗 

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Starwatching Private Camp

This private camp is set up with only two Starwatching tents nestled among untouched dunes, creating a truly memorable and secluded desert experience. It’s perfect for small groups of friends or families who want to enjoy privacy in a non-crowded camping setup. The maximum occupancy is 5-6 people. Your stay includes a shared sitting and dining area in a centralized MailsTent, serving both tents. Additionally, each luxury tent has its own bathroom with a solar-heated shower providing warm water.

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ShootingStar Private Camp

The camp has two luxurious ShootingStar Tents with double doors. The interior design of these tents is uniquely traditional and secluded, making for an unmatched stargazing experience at night.

Enjoy a stunning sunset view and a serene atmosphere for dining and relaxation under the starry sky in the separate Sitting-Majlis tent at this campsite. The shared bathroom with a natural shower is available for all guests. The camp can comfortably accommodate up to six people.


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Oman Desert Private Camp

Bedouin Tents Experience

(featuring arrivals by camel or animal trekking tours)

These camps strive to provide an authentic, comfortable, and traditional experience for our guests. We offer three different setups: one with a single tent for a couple or small family of three, and another with two tents for larger groups or families of up to six people. The larger camp, meanwhile, can accommodate up to six tents and is perfect for unique gatherings or traditional Bedouin get-togethers and can be booked individually by room or as a complete private camp.

The bedouins offer 3 different camps to enjoy a fully private, or small sharing or group experience. 

Each camp has a Sitting-Majlis for dining and a bathroom with a shower. 

Our camps are hosted by authentic Bedouins, providing an opportunity to experience the desert’s simplicity. Situated amidst breathtaking dunes, the Bedouin Experience is conveniently reachable by 4×4 car. Guests may also reserve a camel ride during sunset or multi-day camel trekking.

The highlight of the area is the animal trekking tour, which showcases the desert’s wildlife such as lizards, mice, foxes, scorpions, and more.

They also offer a two-night package, that includes a cross to the seaside, desert camping, and one additional overnight stay in the famous sugar dunes.

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Stargaze Camp


This camp is a unique and intimate arrangement, consisting Luxurious tents nestled amongst stunning and unspoiled sand dunes.

It provides a truly exceptional and exclusive desert lodging experience with STARGAZING

This charming living space is perfect for a couple or a small family, or groups providing an ideal setting to create unforgettable memories that stays.

Your accommodations include a sitting/dining tent (the Majlis) where you will be served traditional dinner and breakfast.

Each of the deluxe single-door tents can accommodate 3 people by providing extra mattress

1 bathroom with a natural shower is available

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